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Elina Luukanen

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Color etchings/aquatint

кросс из ФБ

Elina Luukanen

Born in 1941 in Helsinki. Lives and works in Helsinki.
Studies at the Department of Architecture in Helsinki University of Technology 1961–1964 , Helsingin yliopiston piirustuslaitos (Art school in the University of Helsinki) 1965–1968, studied printmaking under the guidance of Lea Ignatius and Pentti Kaskipuro 1970–1974.
Works exhibited first in Helsinki in1971, first solo exhibition at the Association of Finnish Printmakers in 1973.
Awarded in the first Graphica Creativa in Jyväskylä in 1975 as the best Finnish artist. Received the Pro Finlandia Medal in 1988. State Arts Grant 1994–2004. State artist’s pension 2004–.
Participated in numerous international art graphic exhibitions. Works in the collections of renowned museums in Finland and abroad.

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Tags: art, etching, finland, graphic arts

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